Does this sound like you? 

You’ve created nice dropshipping websites that you knew would bring in customers… but you’re not getting any sales and your conversion rates are super low. 

Customers are viewing your websites but not checking out. You’re still at 0 sales for the month. I know how upsetting that can be, and your thinking if there’s a way around it… 

Or you just started your digital business selling dropshipping websites and feel lost or overwhelmed with on how to build your websites or even how sell them. Maybe you grabbed my free website business checklist and you STILL haven’t started…. 

How do you create & sell Shopify dropshipping websites? Want to know how to convert from click to cash? 

I got you friend! 

Terri Lee Presents:

From Clicks to cash: The Complete Guide To Crafting and Selling Dropshipping Websites. Everything you need to know about creating & selling aesthetically pleasing Shopify dropshipping websites to get more sales & converts. What if you could make an extra $300 a month by fixing your websites a tad bit more? 

This course will help your premade drop shipping websites go from basic to branded. Going from basic to branded will help you increase your sales and have your customers go from click to cash. 

Please note this is for you if your wanting to learn how to make premade dropshipping website’s, or a premade digital product website for a digitalpreneur. This is not for an inventory based business. Strictly digital aka making dropshipping websites ... aspiring web designers only. 

This course will include a few video tutorials with Terri sharing her screen. I'll be sharing step by step on how I create & sell Shopify dropshipping websites. It’ll also come with 50+ FREE Canva templates & guides for you to use to help your digital business run smoothly. 

Terri D.

Meet Your Instructor

Hey, I’m Terri... a 31 year old artsy mamapreneur, youtuber, & wife living in the country in NC. 

I’ve been selling premade Shopify dropshipping websites for about a year and some change. I’ve made over $5,000 alone just by selling premade websites. I’ve only used YouTube to market. Which is free, maybe TikTok but 90% of my sales come from YouTube. 

I’ve been able to go from full time to now working part time. I make up half of my job income from my digital business! 

Dropshipping Hair Tutorial

Learn how to create dropshipping hair stores. Imagine helping people start their hair business without ever having to hold inventory.

Dropshipping Boutique Tutorial

This is my best seller! People love dropshipping boutiques. No overhead cost which is a plus.

Digital Product Store Tutorial

My newest store! I'm throwing this in there for FREE. Digital product stores are taking over. Why not make a premade store to help a digital entrepreneur along the way. Syncing a vendor isn't needed for this store. You have access to all of these templates to help you start your premade website business.

Over $10,000+ Shopify Websites Sold!

I got my first premade dropshipping website sale in 2021! This was a few months after I ended my dropshipping boutique. That's how I started selling dropshipping websites. Someone asked me how much would I charge them to make a dropshipping boutique. It was up from there!

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